Monitor your iPhone battery life on your wrist

Your iPhone battery dies when you least expect it?

Today it’s a common problem! Most urban people worldwide have neither free time, nor a good habit of checking the battery life of their devices. It is simply not a top priority in our busy schedules, right? So can something be done to prevent sudden death of your iPhone battery? Absolutely, yes.

That is when WatchMyBattery comes in right handy. Available free on the App Store, WatchMyBattery app lets you glance your iPhone battery life with a single tap on your Apple Watch.

Glance function

Enable the great 'Glance' widget of the WatchMyBattery app to enjoy checking your battery status much faster and easier. All you need to do is just open 'Apple Watch' app on your iPhone and tap My Watch > Glance.

Proceed with installation to take advantage of using the fantastic WatchMyBattery app on your Apple Watch.

Simple and effective

No need to get your iPhone out of the pocket to check its battery status any more. WatchMyBattery does all the work instead! It sends notifications about the state of your iPhone battery directly to your Apple Watch. It is as simple as that! Now battery drain won’t come as a surprise to you.

We have ensured WatchMyBattery to be an easy-to-use app with intuitive, laconic and elegant interface that you will enjoy using every day. Thanks to clear indication of the battery status you simply won’t be able to overlook the moment when you should plug in your iPhone. Download WatchMyBattery free on the App Store and try it out yourself!

Tired of checking battery level all the time?


app will do that for you!

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